World War II Fighters

Once upon a time there was a young man, named Gene Nichols. He was nineteen when he volunteered to go fight in the war. Once he was all signed up, and ready to go, he got on a plane for Texas. When he arrived in Texas, he started boot camp for his training. The he was sent to Florida to get his assignment for his job. At that time he found out that he would be working on the airplanes, while they Were still flying. Then he was sent to France and England. That was far away and he missed his family, but the other guys became his family. Gene knew that he was doing something very good, he was helping to protect our country from the bad guys. The job he has was a little scary too, because sometimes the airplanes engines werent working and he could not fix them so they had to try and land them safely. There was one time the engine was hit by a bullet and they had to land in a cornfield. Thank goodness they landed just fine.

After two years in the 344th, 926th unit of the United States Air Force the war was over and Gene got to go home. He was very glad. When he got home he met a girl named Eunice and then they got married, they had three girls. Their girls grew up and had children of their own, and then their children had children, and that is how I am proud to be part of this family.

You see, Gene Nichols is my Great Grandpa, and hi is 80 years old now, and has taught me a lot about airplanes, and I love him and proud to be him, this Halloween.

By Bradley Schlimmer, 8 years old






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